Say it quieter if you can

Don't make a woman mad.

Premiere 26.03.2019

Duration 60 min, without intermission

Created by Vadym Yesaulenko and Nina Bulgakova

Artists: Anastasiia Mostova; Nina Bulgakova; Kateryna Zhuravlova

Musical accompaniment: DakhaBrakha; Folknery; Olesya Kochan (Alexis Kochan); Kvitka Cisyk

A play-study of the identity of a Ukrainian woman. Dance, as a translation of our genetic code: everything that has been accumulated over the centuries from Berehynia Trypillya to the spirit of feminism of the 21st century. The play “Say it quieter If you can” is a story about real life: about betrayal and hatred, about the birth of a new life and death, about humility, sisterhood and the cyclical nature of our life. In the performance, we actively use endangered household items and find new meanings for them.

Photos by Anna Semenova; Wolfgang Polly