Performing Arts Theater

Originally from Ukraine

Based in Finland

Ethnic choreographic theatre

cultural translation

transferring the deep understanding of cultural heritage and traditions to the modern era

The ballet of the modern people

magical realism

Innovative approaches to creating dance compositions that combine traditional elements with contemporary dance

About us

Ethno Contemporary Ballet literally means "the ballet of the modern people". In its theatrical and dance art, it explores the system of symbols, permeated with references to daily rituals and ceremonial rites, reflecting the deep worldview of people, combining authentic music with modern interpretations  and images.

The troupe was founded in 2018 by Vadym Yesaulenko and Nina Bulgakova as a  private dance theater in Kharkiv, Ukraine. All our experiments, ideas, research work and efforts to find new artistic principles in dance for many years led to creation of Ethno Contemporary Ballet troupe. The team was created as a platform for experiments. Boldly using elements and connecting the unconnected in the dance into a single structure that is free from the historical influence.

Our CV


Ethno Contemporary Ballet has experience working with a variety of musical material: classical music, authentic folklore and reworked, both to the soundtrack and with live orchestras, groups and performers. We collaborated with musical groups and performers: KHARKIV-BRASS orchestra, Yevshan Zillya, Ukrainian folk music theater "OBEREGI", Kharkiv Philharmonic Hall, organist Olena Udras, Ethno Drum Fest, Hanna Brotherus Company, Target Helsinki, Alpo Aaltokoski Company and others.

Lets come to Our New Events

We are delighted to invite you to our performances of the Ethno Contemporary Dance Theater. Come and join us. We look forward to seeing you there!