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Ethno Contemporary Ballet literally means "the ballet of the modern people". In its theatrical and dance art, it explores the system of symbols, permeated with references to daily rituals and ceremonial rites, reflecting the deep worldview of peoples, combining authentic music with modern interpretations  and images.

The troupe was founded in 2018 by Vadym Yesaulenko and Nina Bulgakova as a  private dance theater in Kharkiv, Ukraine. All our experiments, ideas, research work and efforts to find new artistic principles in dance for many years led to creation of Ethno Contemporary Ballet troupe. The team was created as a platform for experiments. Boldly using elements and connecting the unconnected in the dance into a single structure that is free from the historical influence.

In the course of work on performances, the practical part of the first stage of research work was carried out to increase labor productivity in the performing arts (dance, theater).

Following tasks were set: to achieve the economic feasibility of using small forms in the current situation in the world. Also, to be able to give full dedication to work in the conditions of limited human, material resources. To stage performances, conduct regular concert and touring activities, develop and achieve results.

The second distinctive feature is an attempt to rethink folk, authentic, folklore dance and to look at it through the prism of modernity while being inspired by folklore. We exploring a system of symbols permeated with references to daily rituals and ceremonial rites, reflecting a deep worldview, combining authentic music with modern interpretations and images. Not to stylize it, but to find/offer something that will be modern both in form and in content, plot, and meaning.

The third feature is the use of household items as an integral part of the plot. At the very beginning, we faced a problem of difficulties for a small group to produce large plays, and we discovered the household item as an important part of the choreographic story and learned how to interact with it.

The history of the creation of the Ethno Contemporary style

The first studies on the topic of Ethno Contemporary direction by Vadym Yesaulenko date back to 1998. Later Vadym created his unique manifesto, titled "Ethnomodernism". "After reflecting, I created a kind of manifesto called 'ETHNOMODERNISM'." /Author- Vadym Yesaulenko ,22.11.2008 Kyiv, Ukraine/

"Ethnomodernism" is an artistic direction. Ethno - Ethnography (from the Greek word "ethnos" - people and "grapho" - I write) Modernism (from French "Moderne" - modern). Modernism is a trend in art and literature of the 20th century characterized by:

-A break with the historical experience of artistic creation;

-A striving to establish new principles of art;

-Conventional style;

-Continuous renewal of artistic forms.

From December 1998, work has been carried out on a style, the core of which is a system of symbols reflecting the worldview of the people. The system uses an artistic principle - the combination of national components of words, gestures, movements, drawings, and songs into a single whole.

The techniques of action (movement, plasticity) are explored in performances and dances to influence the audience's impressions. In the search for a combination of folk music and modern interpretations of images, movements, and a project was created. The mixture of dance styles and theatrical directions led to the emergence of the term "ethnomodernism." What is it?

First and foremost, it is a rethinking of national traditions from the standpoint of modernity. Secondly, the symbolism of many generations has transformed over time and remains a part of our everyday life, just as it was two hundred years ago. The only difference is that these cultural symbols are not given as much importance now. Since 2012, the project has transformed into the Ethno Contemporary Ballet - literally "ballet of the modern people."

The name reflects the use of our creativity and its connection to the world cultural heritage (legends, myths, beliefs, festive rituals, religious rituals) - the word "ethno." We use the principles and expressive means of contemporary dance and theater to reveal our choreographic language, which is embodied in the concept of "contemporary." Finally, "ballet" in our case means a company or troupe of artists.

The task of our company is to popularize and identify contemporary Ukrainian stage art forms in the world cultural space.

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