Even routine might be transformed into art.

Premiere 15.11.2020

Duration 65 min, without intermission

Created by Vadym Yesaulenko and Nina Bulgakova

Artists: Anastasiia Mostova; Nina Bulgakova; Kateryna Zhuravlova

Musical accompaniment: Johann Pachelbel; Felix Mendelssohn; Johann Sebastian Bach; “Arioso”; Charles-Camille Saint-Saëns; Antonio Lucio Vivaldi; Johannes Brahms; Tomas Albinoni

This dance performance is an example of how art can transform the mundane into something unique and memorable. It is about angel clerks in modern style, depicting their routine work in heaven. Women in angelic attire and angels in women's attire, reimagining images and exploring satire in the mundane. The music of Bach, Saint-Saens and Vivaldi adds elegance, while modern-style dances provide contrast. The performance explores the theme of routine and the contrast between classical and modern approaches to dance and work.

Photos by Ihor Kototych